Sunday, December 9, 2012

Readers of this blog might enjoy reading the new blog which is the "first draft/raw material" for my new book: "Mystics, Madmen, and Messiahs~The Unchosen Lives of Carl Jung and J. Krishnamurti."

The link to the blog/book is here: and I welcome your comments and ideas on what's been written so far.

Both Jung and Krishnamurti have been spiritual mentors for me for over forty years and though the title may sound controversial, my hope is rather to present a balanced perspective of their lives, which would include a fresh look at the humanity and 'shadow' of these great men in light of their profound teachings and very unusual lives. Being that I live in Ojai California for part of the year, I've also had a chance to meet and talk with many personal friends of Krishnamurti....and Jung, well he has been a source of study and inspiration since 1969. ~elizabeth spring~

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